Tobias Time, Tobias or Toby
he/him - human - early-mid 20s

wizard, school of divination

theme music: tbd

Level 5
STR 8 - DEX 14 - CON 14
INT 18 - WIS 12 - CHA 10

Wizard college student from the central country of his world, a place with a very strong, monarchist government that holds its citizenry in a stranglehold in a lot of ways.

He's enthusiastic and intelligent, but has very few street smarts or adventuring knowledge, so is unfortunately a pretty easy mark for a lot of traps and tricks. He's learning fast though. Recently managed to get out of a mansion where he'd been locked in with a werewolf along with his adventuring party, none the worse for wear and with a handful of werewolf fur.

Both his eyes are ersatz and are where most of his spells originate from. He claims to have lost his original eyes in an accident, though the details seem a bit... light.