Jesse Sullivan, goes by Sull
he/him - ex-human aberration - 22

The Monstrous

theme: Way Out Of Here
playlist: Tapetum Lucidum

Level 8
Charm -1 | Cool  1 | Sharp 2
Tough  0 | Weird 3

Killed at the age of seventeen by the wraith of a disgraced demon king that he and his best friend Oscar unwittingly summoned. He woke up on the lawn, wrong, after a firefighter pulled his body out of his house, just in time to witness it collapse in on itself and claim the lives of Oscar and his own parents. Terrified, he ran, and hasn't stopped.

Since then, he's lurked the edges of the town he used to live in, allowing himself to be thought dead and any sightings of him attributed to mistaken identity or even ghosts by the locals, scavenging in unoccupied houses and yards for things he needed to. Slowly warping into a monster of gnashing teeth and claw, he feels himself driven by primal hunger and fears it. He's made mistakes; he refuses to make more. He'd rather barely scrape by than harm anyone.

This meager existence went on for five years.

( WIP )