they/them - recent - nature

birthday: December 19th
birthplace: earthen grave

theme: tbn

unfortunate young death by exposure, now the protective force of the large, empty pine forests. pine needles even grow out of their skin - they're more nature than human at this point.

has a shaky truce with Ajax, who considers themself a guardian of the same forest that Rowan watches over. they've basically agreed to respect each other at a distance as long as neither of them interferes with the other.

...or at least, they did. but now there's a lot of missing persons in the towns nearby, for which they are not responsible but they're getting the blame. it's thrown off the balance and the truce with Ajax is broken now.

they're not happy about any of it and the debt the one truly responsible has incurred because of it is overdue to be paid.

they're focused on Ajax now, but once they realize the real culprit they'll be on their way to collect. time is ticking and their patience is no longer near-infinite.