Online I go by Ark. Xe/they/he are all fine.

30-year-old IRL inhuman. I write a lot about living in (US)American dystopia through various levels of obfuscation.

Currently working on two different horror visual novels - one a love letter to amateur internet horror and one a semi-true story starring human dogs. There's no ETA on either. Here's to the future.

Contact: ark[at]terror.systems
To-Do List:
- Hellscape setting info (update)
- Snowblind setting info (addition)
- draw/crop/update thumbnails for all characters
- character info pages for all listed characters
- add more in the future for other characters? probably
- About page
- point that last nav link somewhere
- make a button + make an affiliates/links section
- figure out how to make character galleries for more art display
- quit Twitter once this is all set (at last) quit early! feels good.

Update Log:
4/6/24 - tiny update to pull over some old writing from a forgotten Refsheet account.
3/4/24 - updated several character pages, added writing to a few, copy-pasted some writing over from an old tumblr blog since that site's sold out to "AI" plagiarism.
4/24/23 - teeny bit of writing for a handful of character pages.
4/11/23 - hello. been a while. added some writing for a few characters, fixed some typos and bad html.
10/30/22 - added a few thumbnails + missing characters, removed some pages to give a less-sprawling focus and tighten this up. next thing up: writing update.
8/6/22 - moved update log/to-do list to this page + added About section.
8/3/22 - small update, added character pages for a few Creepypasta characters + cleaned up the page.
7/16/22 - went back to work IRL + it's Art Fight season so i'm scarce. working on this just. very slowly.