hey there, i'm ark.

this is an UNDER CONSTRUCTION site to hold my worldbuilding and character writing.
there may be broken links, character pages don't yet exist, many images are missing, blurbs are placeholder, and so on. still working to extricate my creations (and myself) from the disappointing landscape of social media.


i like to write and make living, breathing settings full of characters that give you the feeling of walking down the street late at night, contemplating the people both inside the shuttered houses and similarly haunting the gloom - what they're thinking, what they're feeling, who they are, what motivates them; the feeling of knowing others' inner lives are just as deep and rich as your own.

horror is my wheelhouse, but sometimes i dip my toes in other ponds.

the act of creation is inherently cringe - embrace it and go without fear.

(all art on site is by me. photos are modified stock from unsplash.)